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True Crime by CosmicThunder
True Crime
Recently I have been sick with the flu and while I was laid up I rediscovered a series from my childhood I hadn't thought about in a very long time. True Crime Streets of LA and New York City, I loved these games and over the past week they kept me company and made the flu not feel so bad. Here is just a little wallpaper in tribute to two classic games.
The Warrior by CosmicThunder
The Warrior
"I don't suppose there's any need for a Doctor anymore. Make me a Warrior now."
The 8th Doctor.

I'm not particularly a fan of the War Doctor, I don’t hate him. I just don’t think it was handled very well plus I never thought it was a good idea to retroactively put in secrete incarnations we never knew about. It was a bad idea in The Brain of Morbius and it was a bad idea in Day of the Doctor. I just felt it hurt the episode trying to shoehorn in a new old incarnation especially when there was no reason not to use the 8th Doctor. That’s what fans wanted to see, 8 fighting the Time War. However, if the secret Doctor had to be done this is what I would have proffered him to be. This is my take on The War Doctor / The Warrior.

The War Doctors costume is a cross between the 8th Doctors and the 9th Doctors. By making him look like 8.5 you rob him of his own visual identity. It would be like putting the 4th Doctor in 3’s cape coat and 5’s cricket jumper. It’s just a bad idea.  

The costume The Warrior has is based on The General’s Time Lord Armour and visually gives us information the episode didn’t have time to tell us. He’s a high ranking valuable member of the war effort, (because seriously he would be, who knows more about fighting Daleks than the Doctor?) but unlike other high ranking officers who lead from the back in their ivory tower, The Warrior leads from the front.  With his beaten, scratched and tattered armour showing the strains of war. But never mind the damage done to the armour if you want to see the strains of war look no further than the mechanical hand and the eye patch. Two universally understood signifiers that this character has been through some shit.  But even though he’s been through hell he carries no weapons. The only things he carries are his trusty screwdriver, things to help others and a bag of jelly babies, showing that maybe the old Doctor is still in there somewhere under that war torn exterior.

And finally I love John Hurt but if you’re going to get a British icon, a Shakespearean trained national treasure, with an unmistakable voice to play the secret incarnation of The Doctor who fought The Time War. You get Brain Blessed or you just don’t do it.

The man is a real life adventurer who is friends with the Queen of England, has climbed Mount Everest, gone running with wolves, travelled to the North Pole, boxed the Dalai Lama, met Picasso, trekked through the Venezuelan jungle and punched a polar bear in the face. If the Doctor was real he would be Brian Blessed and that’s why I made him The Warrior.

I hope you like.

The Master Lord of Time by CosmicThunder
The Master Lord of Time
Looking through my art on here I released that I had forgotten to upload this one. whoops my bad This is the poster version of my master line up I made last year. I Am The Master

The other renegade, the archenemy. After drawing line ups of all the Doctors I thought it was time to give some love to the other side of the coin, The Doctor's old friend The Master. I hope you like it.

(F.Y.I) If you don't recognize the 2 incarnations at the top.

The one on the left (Alex MacQueen) is an incarnation created for the Big Finish audio Stories who I believe comes in-between Eric Roberts and Derek Jacobi and is possibly the Master who fought in the Time War. 

The one on the right (Gordon Tipple) is the incarnation that is exterminated by the Daleks at the beginning of the TV Movie The Enemy Within. 

I know it's VERY debatable if he counts as his own Master or just the Anthony Ainley version. I count him because in early cuts of the TV movie he had lines in the form of the opening monologue, there for showing him to be his own incarnation. But most importantly I counted him for the symmetry of the picture. Also it gave me an excuse to create a look for him and I like designing costumes so I'm happy.

Available on redbubble here


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Tom Robinson
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I am a graphic designer with a passion for illustration and fiction.

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