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Doctor Who 12 by CosmicThunder
Doctor Who 12
The Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi 2014 to ????

The new image in my apparently and rather surprisingly continuing series of Doctor Who quotes. Well it was a 
surprise to me that 2 years later id still be adding to it. But I just can't help myself I love Doctor Who!

I wonder what he's going to be like. I shall fill in a bio when we know more about him, but for now all I shall say is I bet he's going to be awesome. 

I hope you like it

8-Bit Doctor Who T-Shirt by CosmicThunder
8-Bit Doctor Who T-Shirt

I drew the first 10 Doctors back in 2007 I added the 11th Doctor in for the 50th Anniversary and the 12th Doctor today, for good measure. You can get this design on T-shirts, iPhone, iPad cases, pillows, art print and more.…

I hope you like it.

Laser Screwdriver. Who'd have Sonic? by CosmicThunder
Laser Screwdriver. Who'd have Sonic?

A new illustration of mine of The Masters most sadistic yet beautifully stylish weapon, The Laser Screwdriver. You can get this design on T-shirts, iPhone, iPad cases, pillows, art print and more.…

I hope you like it.

Moffat by CosmicThunder
MOFFAT! Need I say more? I love Steven Moffat and while I’m not a fan of everything he’s done, I am certainly a fan of him. Here are three of the greatest TV shows ever to come out of the BBC Jekyll, Doctor Who and Sherlock. All of which have one thing in common. Can you Guess what? You can get this design on T-shirts, iPhone, iPad cases, pillows, art print and more.

Link here.…

I hope you like it.
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 10 by CosmicThunder
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 10
Here are a few character teaser posters for the next picture I'm currently working on.

And if you liked The UK Avengers poster I did, you're going to love the new one that's on the way. But for now I hope you like these little teasers and I wonder if you can guess who they all are.

T.O.W.B.B Teaser 1
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 2
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 3
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 4
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 5
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 6
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 7
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 8
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 9
T.O.W.B.B Teaser 10


CosmicThunder's Profile Picture
Tom Robinson
United Kingdom
I am a graphic designer with a passion for illustration and fiction.

Over the past few years, people have been coming to me asking if they could use my art work for this and that. This was and still is fine to do, as long as it was a one off thing, they weren't selling it and they told people where the artwork came from. I was happy to give my permission, glad they asked for it and flattered they wanted to use my work. However people also have been coming to me saying that they had seen other people claiming my work was theirs and were selling it. BTW thanks to the people who saw that happening and for letting me know

I started my Deviant page just so I could share my art with the world as we all did. I had no intention to try and sell stuff thats why none of it has a big watermark on it. But now that I see people ripping my work off for personal gain. I have decided hey I'll sell it myself.

To the lovely wonderful people who follow me here on deviantART who have taken the time to read this, I'd like to say that I shall still be posting stuff on here and not to worry it won't just be adds for stuff on the other site. deviantART is where I started and where people see the majority of my work so I am sure as hell not turning my back on it.

My page on Redbubble is…

And if you would like to see any of my work for sale as iPhone and ipad cover posters or clothing just comments below or send me a note and I shall let you know when it's up for sale.

Thank you for Reading.

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I really like your Doctor Who wallpapers. I downloaded pretty much all of them. Great job - although I feel the hi res JPEG is slight overkill and I think a lower res at PNG would yield better results (no compression artifacts). But I think your idea of a quotation with each Doctor is a great idea. Always loved the Second Doctor one particularly.
CosmicThunder Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Thank you, glad you like my work. I agree that the big JPEGS are a bit much, but at the time I was having trouble exporting files. Doing it the way I did was the only way to get good quality. I only realized that it was, like...quadrupled the original file sizes during the exporting like a few weeks into it and by then I had uploaded a few and wanted to keep them all the same size.
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